Caring For Plants: Spring Edition

Nov 14, 19
Caring For Plants: Spring Edition

Taking care of your plants is all well and good in spring and summer - it's their natural time to thrive! But what do you do in the winter? Plants are more likely to fade away and leave you in the winter, so you need to take extra care as they go dormant waiting for spring. Never fear, we've got you covered. Just follow these simple steps. 


If possible, move your plants closer to the window. Even if they usually prefer to be set back a bit, we get up to 50% less light that filters through inside. Clean your windows and the leaves of your plants to maximise the amount of light they get. 


Blasting the heat indoors is great for humans but less so for plants. If your plants are a bit droopy or sad, chances are they're getting a lot of heat from a vent or heater. Try to move them out of the way if possible. 


Plants are like bears in the winter - they're hibernating. They don't need as much water as they normally do in their growing seasons. Most plant owners tend to overwater their plants in the winter but you really should resists the urge! If you normally water a plant every week in spring/summer, bring it down to every 3 weeks in winter. To test if you need to top them up with some drink, stick your finger in about 2 inches from the top. If it's still a bit damp on the tip of your finger, give the plant some more time before you water. Otherwise, go for it!


This one is the simplest tip on the list - don't. Again, because plants are dormant during winter, they don't need any fertilising. Best to leave them until spring. 

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